Canada launches new immigration pilot program for seasonal workers

Canada will start issuing work permits for those who have experience in the agricultural sector. The businesses of mushroom production and meat processing need new laborers because they experience a shortage of labor.

The country had massive production of 66.2 billion CAD in 2018 and also created jobs for immigrants. out of the 8 jobs created in this industry, 1 went to an immigrant. The temporary foreign workers who don’t have a route to get the PR of the country will now get so, through the Agri-Food immigration pilot program which requires the applicants to have a job offer. This pilot has been launched for three years as of now. The following occupations will provide the PR provided you have some experience in them:

Labor used for harvesting in annual mushroom production and production of greenhouse crops

Farm Workers who are needed mushroom production throughout the year, production of greenhouse crops or raising of livestock

Meat processing

Retail butcher

Industrial butcher

Labor need for food processing 

IRCC has that the16,500 immigrants will be allowed through this program during 3 years of this program. 

Temporary foreign workers who are selected as per this program will have a chance to become a permanent resident of this country and will get the PR of this country. This was indicated by Rodger Cuzner, who is the Parliamentary Secretary of the Minister of Employment of, Workforce Development and Labor of Canada. This program will be initiated in January 2020, so its conditions for granting a PR apart from having a job offer have been declared. These conditions are as follows:

  • 2 months of experience in an occupation that is valid in the temporary foreign worker program, i.e. the occupations which have been listed above.
  • A CLB4 score in French or English
  • High school education or even more
  • A permanent job offer from Canada 

Employers who decide to choose employees through this program will be given an LMIA for 2 years. For this period, they can hire workers.

To get workers from abroad, meat processors will need to tell about the plans on how they will ensure that the temporary foreign worker gets the PR of Canada. As far as those meat processors are concerned, who have unions, the immigrant meat processors need a letter of support issued by unions. And meat processors who don’t have unions will have to make sure that the immigrant temporary foreign workers are safe in Canada and their rights are protected.

Why choose Canada as an immigrant?

Low incidence of crime in this country: Canada has low crime rates which are enviable. In 2018 alone, more than 3,00,000 immigrants were allowed into Canada. This is because of the multiple benefits of living in this country which include free schooling.

A lot of multiculturalism: Canada is a secular country and peoples of all religions can live here together. That’s, why Indians of all religions can live peacefully here.

Nile Migration will make sure that you can apply for this program.

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