How can you go to Canada on different visas?

Over the years, Canada has been frequented by so many tourists. So, Canada offers a working holiday visa. This visa is for Australians whose age is less than 36 years. So, as a working holiday visa holder, you have so much to look forward to, you can work and when you are free, you can party.

Canada tourist visa can be taken by Indians who want to go to this country and be there in it’s landscape.

Canada and Australia have a lot of similarities. There are cities such as Vancouver and Toronto in Canada just like Sydney and Melbourne. So, Canada allows you to have the best of both the worlds with French heritage in Quebec to the mesmerizing crystal clear Lake Louise in the Banff National park. Whether you are visiting Canada in winters or summers, there is always a job for you. In summers, you can work in a national park, or the Whistler resorts during winters when the snow has formed in the mountains. There are summer jobs for the interested applicants in beauty salons during summers. You just need to have some fixation for such products to be able to sell them to the customers. This job requires someone to have a great personality to do the sale and be able to converse well with customers. The job of a customer consultant involves someone to be able to make sales.

Jobs in Whistler include someone to teach skiing. Jobs for a customer service representative are always available. In this job, you can work to help in completing the stock if there is any need. This is important so that customers’ orders can be completed in time. You will need some sort of health insurance for 2 years for which this visa is given.

Opportunities to be used in Canada

You can be on a canoe at the Moraine Lake which is situated between mountains. This lake is situated at a distance of just 14 kms from Lake Lousie. It’s located at a height, so you should be ready to go on a hike to reach here. A vast lake, it covers an area of 50 hectares.

This lake has many species of fish which are the Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Brook Trout. You can easily watch these species. You can catch these species of fish but you have to release them. You cant take them with you. Banff national park has Lake Moraine and this lake can be visited between July 1 to October 31st when it’s open. You have to get a fishing license for fishing in this lake. You have to stop fishing for 2 hours before the sunset. However, you cant use the dead fish as bait in this park.

Canada tourist visa

This visa is given for 6 months and if you are lucky, you can get it for 10 years and visit Canada for 6 months any time during this duration. This visa is given for visiting ill relatives in Canada or for getting medical treatment in this country also.

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