Malaysians exploiting the protection visa system of Australia

Malaysia is worried about the Malaysians exploiting the visa system of Australia. Australia has a lenient system for visa holders here and even though they overstay on their visa, they are deported back to Malaysia free of cost. This has led to an abuse of the visa system. The Malaysians come here for a visitor visa, then apply for a protection visa when the 6 months pass. When the protection visa gets rejected, they appeal for it and continue to stick in Australia. When they get caught, the deportation happens and that too free of cost.

Malaysians apply for protection visa when the Australian tourist visa expires

The protection visa is given to those who are scared of getting some kind of punishment in their home country and therefore seek asylum in another country. The person might have to face punishment for reasons related to his race, nationality, religion, having a certain political opinion or being part of a social group. Biometrics also have to be given as a component of the visa application. You can be in Australia on this visa for 5 years. You are given ample help from the Australian government and can attend free English Classes. These classes are 510 hours in duration and are provided basic English levels. However, Malaysians don’t want to seek refugee status in Australia because of any apprehension of being punished in this country. They want to seek refuge here because they can benefit from the free educational system here. Malaysians also get to work at better wages here. The protection visa was filed by 1,400 Malaysians in 2014-2015. However, 9,300 Malaysians filed for this year in 2018. 

However, David Coleman who is the immigration system of Australia said that, the .25 of those who come as a non-immigrant to Australia applied for a protection visa. And 95% of these visa applicants were denied these visas. They are supposed to go back home when the protection visa is rejected. So, Australia immigration and non-immigration visas are in order. Out of 10,000 holders of a visa, who had stayed longer, almost 75% were from Malaysia.

Jason Wood who is the Minister for Multicultural Affairs of Australia, said that Malaysians are using the visa system for their benefit. Mr. Wood was also head of a committee which suggested that all the protection visa claims must be judged quickly and should not have many chances of appeal in case of rejection. 

When you have the visitor visa of Australia?

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