ACBW Pathways to China Forum

ACBW Pathway to China Forum

9:00AM – 5:30PM
Wed 22nd Nov 2017, Rydges World Square Sydney


Presented in partnership with ABF Business

This one day Forum provides delegates with current market trends, opportunities, challenges as well as practical know-how and case studies in engaging with China.


Speakers include China experts, industry leaders, Australian and Chinese government representatives and senior executives from some of Australia’s most successful brands who have made their mark in China.

David Thomas
Chair of ACBW Forums

Pathway to China Forum will be moderated by David Thomas, Chair of ACBW Forums. David is a China Expert and very well respected and provides a valuable insight to developing your China strategy.


Pathway to China Forum will focus on important topics for Australian businesses engaged or about to enter the China market. This is a highly recommended forum and a feature event of this year’s Australia China BusinessWeek

ACBW Pathway to China Forum




Acknowledgement of traditional land owners. Welcome and Opening of Forum


Opening Address:
China’s Economy, Technology, Consumers and Consumption Trends are Changing a Rapid Phase – Your China Strategy Needs a Strategy

David Thomas
Chair of ACBW Forums, Managing Director, Think Global


Panel Discussion:
Leveraging Government Sister Relationships and other Government Support for the Benefit of Your Business

Michael Reznikov
Associate Director for SME - NSW & ACT, Efic
Laurie Smith
Principal, Shuhou Associates


Panel Discussion:
China eCommerce Ecosystem: Everything You Need to Know To Sell to China via e-Commerce

China is the biggest eCommerce market in the world and it is supported by a highly complex ecosystem found nowhere else. For those who want to enter, the key to success is to understand each eCommerce platform’s infrastructure and capabilities before entering.


The panel discussion will focus on:
• The different types of e-commerce platforms
• Stand-alone websites versus online marketplaces
• How Chinese consumers find the products they want to buy? Which channels are your customers coming from?
• What is your “import to China” strategy – direct shipping vs bonded warehouse
• Payment solutions to consider
• How to get more leads, prospects, sales and brand awareness in China

Allan Qiu
Managing Director, Stone Drums

Peter Christo
General Manager, Latipay

Steven Foo
Head, Asia Business Development (ECommerce & International), Australia Post
Dr Mathew McDougall
Founder & CEO, DaigouSales

Hillary Wang
Senior Director,
Dr Mathew McDougall
Founder & CEO, DaigouSales


Morning Tea


Laying the foundations for a successful launch into the Chinese digital market

The growth of the Chinese middle class and their increasing demand for international products present the opportunity of a century for global brands. Yet at the same time, the Chinese digital market is notoriously difficult to enter.
This presentation will explain what it takes for organisations to succeed in the digital space in China. It will provide an overview of the intricacies of its ecosystem and explain how western companies can create an effective digital presence in China as well as leverage the power of search and WeChat marketing to reach and acquire customers.

Nicolas Chu
Founder & CEO, Sinorbis


IP and Brand Protection Strategies for China

Many businesses looking to enter the Chinese market are unaware of the implications of doing so without first protecting their intellectual property. Learn about the importance of brand protection and how you can protect and enforce the different types of IP in China, including patents, trademarks and designs.

Gavin Doherty, Director
Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, mdp Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys


Panel Discussion:
Rules & Regulations Involved in Getting Your Products into China

To get your products into China, you’ll need to navigate China’s customs and border regulations, as well as meeting local labelling rules and product safety standards. Panel of operators will discuss and focus on the border regulations, licenses, safety and labelling requirements for the import of supplements, cosmetics and health food into China

Steve Martin

Brett Green
Managing Director, Ageless Products
Al Liang
Senior Manager, CCIC Australia


Conference Networking Lunch


Chinese certification compliance requirements and roles of the Chinese Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine

Al Liang
Senior Manager, CCIC Australia


Opportunities in China’s “Smaller” Cities

According to a recent report from Morgan Stanley Research, China’s consumption market could grow from its current $4.4 trillion to $9.7 trillion by 2030. Whilst Tier 1 cities will contribute 9% of the growth, with Tier 2 cities chipping in 21% and rural areas accounting for 7%, Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities will account for almost two-thirds of the increase.

Not all cities are created equal – as China experts will explain as they share insights into the reasons why lower-tier cities present huge potential for growth in the future, especially e-commerce.

David Thomas
Chair of ACBW Forums, Managing Director, Think Global


Panel Discussion:
What does it REALLY take to break into the Chinese Market?

With a population of almost 1.5 billion people and an increasing desire for Australian made products, the potential for export revenues in the China market is tempting for many Australian brands. However, given some high profile failures, this market is not for the faint hearted. Aromababy, Van Dairy, Uber Secrets, Slim Secrets and Servcorp share their learnings and experiences to help new entrants reduce the time, cost and risk of exporting to China

Anna Chavez
Senior Manager, Servcorp China

Catherine Cervasio
Founder & MD, Aromababy
Sean Shwe
Executive Director, Van Dairy


Afternoon Tea


Panel Discussion:
Why the Daigou is so Important in Your e-Commerce Marketing Strategy in China?

Benjamin Sun
Managing Director, Think China


Panel Discussion:
What You Need to Know About Chinese Consumers

Chinese consumers’ shopping habits have changed dramatically as incomes have risen and new products and concepts have entered the China market. To successfully sell to Chinese consumers, Australian brands need to understand a number of vital factors. The panel of China marketing experts will discuss:
• Who are the Chinese consumers?
• What do they want?
• What’s driving the Chinese consumer?
• What are the trends in the Chinese consumer market?
• What are the key drivers for Chinese consumers’ demand for foreign/Australian products?
• How do they shop?
• What influence their buying decision?
• Who control the Chinese household spending?

Kevin Zhang
Business Director, ConnectX

Leo Lian
Managing Director, Lion Media Group
Livia Wang
Managing Director, AccessCN

Allan Qiu
Managing Director, Stone Drum

Benjamin Sun
Managing Director, Think China


Wrap up – Key takeaways

Disclaimer: Please kindly note that this program is for reference purpose only and may be subject to change on the day of the event. Australian Business Forum reserves the right to change and amend the program accordingly.