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ACBW Daigou Showcase

9:00AM – 5:00PM
Wed 22st Nov 2017, Rydges World Square Sydney

Australian brands are extremely popular with Chinese consumers and are well-respected for its high-quality products and safety standards. However, to succeed in the China market, Australian SMEs need to understand and embrace its unique digital landscape and consumer decision journey.

Many Australian brands such as A2 Milk, Swisse, Blackmores attributed their massive growth in the China market through via the ‘daigou’ network of local buyers. (Daigous are the people you hear of who are clearing the Australian supermarket and pharmacy shelves of vitamin and baby products, they use WeChat to on-sell them to their customers in China). With over 40,000 daigous operating in Australia, ACBW Showcase provides SMEs and emerging brands the opportunity engaged with these Australian daigous who are not only your buying channels but also your brand influencers, as their information recommendations will generate interest from their Chinese buyers for your products.

During this event, Australian businesses will have the opportunity to showcase products and services to the powerful local Chinese Daigou networks, to accelerate your brand awareness to the China market and catapult your business forward.

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