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China Digital Conference

31 July 2019 RACV City Club Melbourne



9.00 – 9.30 AM

The Importance of developing offline and online digital strategies

Mark Tanner, CEO of China Skinny will go beyond the big numbers and well-known channels, explaining how China’s online world is becoming an increasingly influential driver of consumer behaviour in China. Exploring the complex and less contested digital landscape in China, Mark will illustrate how online channels are becoming intertwined and the importance of developing digital strategies.

Mark Tanner – Chair China Digital Conference – Founder, CEO of China Skinny Shanghai


9.30 – 10.00 AM

How to develop a Content Marketing Strategy to reach your target consumers

Entering any market requires a data-driven content marketing strategy to ensure you effectively and efficiently reach your target consumers and suitably position your brand. This is particularly crucial in the competitive and increasingly crowded China landscape. Discover how to develop your own Content Marketing Strategy tailored to the Chinese market and apply these using Chinese marketing tools and technologies.

Benjamin Sun, CEO & Co-Founder of Think China, Sydney, Hong Kong

10.00 – 10.30 AM

Case study: Rebranding and marketing of Australian beef sold via Eastern China’s largest chilled home delivery system

Presented by Matthew McKenzie, Founder the Export Group

Matthew McKenzie, (VIP Guest Speaker) Founder The Export Group Shanghai China

10.30 – 10.50 AM

Morning Tea

10.50 – 11.20 AM

It is a digital world; create personalisation in China during the age of the customer

How to stand out in a complex and crowded market

Mark Tanner, Chair China Digital Conference – Founder, CEO of China Skinny Shanghai

11.20 – 11.50 AM

Chinese Social Media 2.0

The Social Media landscape in China is evolving at an incredible pace. It started with Weibo, and then came WeChat. Now in just the last 2 years, there has been a whole new era of social e-commerce platforms, short video apps, live streaming platforms and more. In this presentation, we will unravel the Chinese social media landscape in 2018 and explain how they could fit into your Chinese strategy.

William Chen, Co-Founder Luxion Media and Zoomspeed Chinese Supercar Club

11.50 AM – 12 PM

Unlock the Chinese Market in Australia

Everyone is excited about the opportunities that China has to offer. However, there is another often overlooked opportunity much closer to home – the Chinese Market in Australia. There are 700,000 Chinese in Australia, 650,000 Tourists visiting every year and 170,000 International Students, with 600,000 of these using Chinese social media in Australia.

Mark Tanner, Chair China Digital Conference – Founder, CEO of China Skinny Shanghai