Lists of ACBW Daigou Showcase Brands

List of Brands join ACBW Daigou Showcase this year

Shaw Vineyard Estate

Shaw Vineyard Estate is a premium wine producer from Australia’s premier cool climate region - Canberra We are an internationally awarded winery with over 750 national and international awards, we export to a number of countries. We are 100% family owned winery and supply large and small orders.

MOR Boutique

Since 2001, MOR Boutique - Beauty by Design. Trusted for over 15 years, we are creators of beautiful bath and body collections, sublime home fragrances and luxury lifestyle products. Proudly Australian made, perfumed with signature scents and formulated with selected natural ingredients, our range evokes multi-sensory experiences to transform your bathing routine into an indulgent daily ritual.


Oli6 is a goat milk formula range developed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia and is the only Australian Goat Formula with its own Australian farming capabilities with over 6600 goats. Oli6 uses high levels of goat milk solids, is minimally processed and retains a range of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals as well as other beneficial substances like prebiotic oligos which aid digestion.


Sinorbis is an international group that has revolutionised the way western organisations do digital marketing in China. The company allows SMEs and enterprises to realise their full potential in the Chinese market by: • Creating their multi-channel digital presence in China • Optimising their existing digital marketing efforts and website • Measuring their marketing performance and leveraging opportunities for improvement.


Arborvitae is an Australian company that develops natural health supplements that are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia. Our supplements have been very successful in treating many conditions including high blood glucose levels/Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol, eye conditions, psoriasis and other conditions. We started a clinical trial 3 years ago for pre-diabetics which is expected to be completed in March 2018.

Victoria & Maude

Victoria & Maude create an extraordinary range of products for the discerning sophisticated woman - handbags, clutches, passport holders, overnight bags, weekend bags and personal item bags, wallets, coin purses and customised leather travelling items.


Linii Discover the benefits of using Tasmanian huon pine around the home. This time honored 100% chemical free resource is a powerful silverfish, moth and flea repellent. Using timber by-product to make this extraordinary effective product. Sales exceeding 100k in the past 12 months Also exporting into Malaysia, Japan, USA, Taiwan, China and New Zealand. Over 70 stockists in australia.

Clean and Pure Skin

Clean and Pure Skin In early 2004 my wife Melanie and I were living in the Mediterranean, where we enjoyed handmade natural foods and products. Melanie has suffered eczema all her life, but discovered that while living there her symptoms had vanished. On return to Australia her eczema quickly reappeared. We soon realised that it was her exposure to highly processed foods and body products that was causing her eczema. Unable to find any body products that worked well for her skin, we began creating our own products using natural and unprocessed ingredients, which is now our Clean and Pure range.

Zifam Pinnacle

Zifam Pinnacle

Aromababy Natural Skincare

Aromababy Natural Skincare