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Conan Wu

Conan Wu takes the role as Head of Business Development – Victoria at Goldmate Group, attending to client needs in currency exchange in Melbourne. Previously he worked in Ernst & Young, Royal Bank of Canada and Compass Global Markets. He has been exposed to many aspects of accounting and finance areas from financial and management accounting, to investment, foreign exchange, and risk management. He specializes in servicing institutions and high net-worth individuals from China seeking to invest and grow business in Australia. Conan delivers first class customer management at all times to his clients, maximizing revenue opportunities whilst building rapport and strong relationships at all levels.

Conan has a master degree with merit in finance area at Australian National University and now he is RG146 accredited and CPA qualified.

吴芳楠先生在 Goldmate 澳洲中联集团担任维州商务拓展总监一职,负责公司在墨尔本的外汇兑换等业务,帮助来自中国的高净值人士及机构来澳落地投资,为客户提供高端管理服务和全方位支持。他曾任职安永会计师事务所、加拿大皇家银行、及外汇市场咨询公司 Compass Global Markets, 在财务及管理会计学、投资、外汇兑换及风险管理等领域具有多方面经验;并以优异成绩毕业于澳洲国立大学金融专业,拥有硕士学位、CPA 注册会计师资格及 RG146 执照。