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Shane Crockett

After living out his childhood dream, spending 9 years as an RAAF navigator, Shane made the daring decision to return to university as a mature age student, aged 28. Seeing the world from above has brought Shane a lifetime of experience; he believes this has shaped his character. He’s gained the courage to say “no” and to make confident, bold decisions when appropriate. Shane specialises in minimising corporate tax exposures, developing and implementing corporate tax policies, tax compliance with appropriate risk management while maximising stakeholder benefits, tax effective business structuring and solutions, tax dispute resolution (ATO, SRO & AAT), tax due diligence (M&A) and being an expert witness for court cases. Shane’s tax consulting experience covers a range of clients including complex family groups, owner/managers and small, medium and large listed companies across a variety of industry sectors.

Shane’s involvement in the William Buck VIC mentoring program provides him with a sense of achievement as he believes having a mentor throughout your professional career is critical. He is honoured to play such a significant part in assisting the growth of those around him.





郭克德精通于协助减少企业税务风险,制定和执行企业税务政策,执行有着合适风险管理方案的税务遵从,同时使利益相关者回报最高化,税务有效的生意结构和解决方案, 税务纠纷的解决方案,(税务局,州财政局,和行政上诉法庭),同时也是法院案件的专家证人。

郭克德在William Buck 维多利亚省辅导计划中的参与给他很大的成就感,因为他觉得在一个人的职业生涯中有一个导师是很重要的。他很荣幸能够在周围的人的成长中扮演一个重要角色。