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Wang Xiaojia

In the year of 1995, Xiaojia started his service in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, where he was an official for governmental affairs.

In January 2000, Xiaojia was appointed as Vice Consul and Consul at the Commercial Office of Chinese Consulate General in Chicago responsible for providing business information about China to the US firms and individual businessmen and facilitating US business access to China market.

Returning to China in 2004, Xiaojia has served in the Ministry of Commerce of China as Director for bilateral relation & policy-making in Dept. of American & Oceanian Affairs and Shenzhen Office, respectively.

In the past decade, Xiaojia led team members to engage in settlement of trade disputes between China and U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand and put forward constructive ideas to the industrial sectors on the policy of facilitating Chinese products into international markets as well as strategic views in setting up Chinese foreign aid policy.

Xiaojia took Melbourne’s post this April after he was assigned as the first commercial councillor of the Economic & Trade Office at Chinese Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Mogadishu early last year.